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I’m looking forward to our Back-to-School Sunday, August 23rd, with our guest, Vickie Echols, principal at Smith Elementary School and our blessings of students, teachers, and parents in worship. Then we have our Back-to-School pot-luck at 12:15 pm with all the great food and fellowship. We’ll have a wonder-filled morning together.

With all this excitement, our movie this week is Dead Poets’ Society. We find a new teacher but former student in a boys’ prep school challenging his students to allow poetry to sink into their souls and to strive to become what they are inspired to be. In looking at our own lives, it is never to late nor are we ever too old to let Christ inspire us into new adventures. So as a surprise, I have another movie full of adventures.

The adventure that awaits us as Trinity UMC is our welcoming and caring for children with Smith Elementary and in our church family. Jesus told the disciples to let the little children come. Our Deuteronomy passage nudges us to write the Word of God (God’s love and mercy) on their hearts.   In the midst of the fun and spontaneity, God just might do a new thing in each of us and in our church.

Let’s join in the fun!


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  1. My name is Matthew Garcia, the P.E. teacher at Smith Elementary in Duncanville. I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast volunteers of your church provided for us this past Friday! It was greatly appreciated by all staff members! Thank you.:)

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