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Dear Friends,

Jesus told the disciples to “Let the little children come unto me.” With our growing partnership with Smith Elementary, TUMC is “On the GO” to the children! Thanks TUMC for your extravagant generosity last Sunday to support the partnership ($1500). I’ve heard that Sarah Wilcox and Laurie Johnson have already been to the school to “refresh” the Teacher’s Lounge. Thanks Sarah and Laurie! Thanks to Chris Dodge who is leading our ministry with Smith Elementary!

What other ways might we open the doors of our church and our hearts to “let the little children come…?” Be thinking and let me know the ideas that God gives you.  Our movie message about reaching children and youth comes from Marie James’ suggestion, To Sir with Love. Come Sunday “like a child” and let God’s grace tear down the walls and touch your life.


 Trinity at the Movies

What great suggestions you’ve been sending me! I’m still gathering your favorite movies that have helped your journey of faith. I’m keeping a list because I have more than a month of sermons will hold. When a movie fits into a sermon theme, I’ll share a favorite movie. Thanks everyone!


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