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Have you watched, listened, or read the news lately? That also includes the “news” we see on Facebook. Once a story breaks, we then have all the interpretations, opinions, and spin on the information.   I don’t know about you, but I begin to wonder what is real? What is true? Who and what can I believe?   If we look at our own lives and our relationships, we can also find images that we want to project, masks that we hide behind, and games we play to get our own way. What is real? Who is the real me–deep down inside? What is real in our relationships?

Jesus came to earth to become one of us and to show us the “Real” God who loves us. He lived a “real” life so that we might know and live God’s love for us. We see the Real at the Lord’s Table in the bread and the cup. Jesus invites us to live a “real” life too. Come and be with us Sunday as we celebrate Holy Communion, finish our “Really” series and begin our Trinity at the Movies series.

 GOing deeper into Real


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