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Have you ever tried to describe something that is more than any description?  The message for Sunday is definitely in that category!  I know that Christ is Life and gives life.  I want that real life in Christ however I’ve only had glimpses.  Some of the glimpses were momentous in my life such as the birth of my children, marrying Lew, holding my new granddaughters, sitting by the bed of my mother on her last day, and being with my sisters on the rare occasions we are together.  Others have been unexpected conversations with someone such as at WMRW this week, hearing about a new direction God is calling someone, seeing an act of kindness, or sensing a need of someone who is hurting and helpless.  I wonder if we uncover what real life in Christ is by our experiences and not through what we read or know.

Maybe the starting place is to look back and see when we have experienced real life in Christ?  Life in its fullest?  Life in all its wonder and glory?  Join in the fun by sharing your experiences by email:, or text:  903-243-3333, or Facebook: Trinity Umc Duncanville.  I’m gathering your responses to share.  Thanks!

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