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Where’s Jesus?

Jesus is the giver of life–new life. Where do we see new life happening in us and around us? Where do we see life bearing good fruit? In Luke 7: 18-23, John the Baptist’s disciples ask Jesus if he is the one to come? Jesus points out that the blind now see, the lame walk, and more. The disciples are to see what Jesus is doing. The impact of his words and ministry tell it all.

Several conversations and devotions this week have nudged me into pondering Jesus’ words about bearing good fruit and not bad fruit. It would be easy to think that good fruit is when everything is going well or “our way.” When the bad times come with pain and suffering, we struggle with faith in God. We may even consider our life worthless.

As one conversation explored, bearing fruit is what comes from the heart. Is our heart full of love and hope or fear and anger? For me, what comes from the heart is either life-giving or life-destroying. It is not based on external circumstances. Sometimes Jesus’ gifts of love and hope bring forth life even in the midst of pain and suffering. Sometimes we need the pruning of pain and suffering to focus the life-giving energy of Christ into bringing forth luscious fruit. As another conversation discussed, the tough times may just enrich our lives to help others on their journeys with Christ. Maybe the question to ask is what is happening in us life-giving or life-destroying for each of us and for all of us?



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