At a distance?

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How we enjoy our friends and family!  We like to be with them, talk with them, and do things with them.  Our lives are blessed with our relationships with family and friends. 

 Sometimes our words and our actions cause hurt and pain.  We put distance between us and others.  Over time the distance grows.  When we see the other person, we avoid and walk away.  Sound familiar with anyone in your life?  I can name a few persons whom I’ve avoided and held at a distance.  Some I still do.

 In the midst of all of our relationships, God does not ever turn away from us.  God continues to love us and to seek to reconcile with us always wherever we are.  God’s reconciling love for us ripples in our lives and out into our relationships–all of them.  Come be with us Sunday for worship as we live into ripples of reconciliation in God’s grace.

In Christ alive,

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