Hand in Hand

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Last weekend, Lew and I were taking care of Arden 3 3/4 and Morgan 2.  We had a great time playing on the playground, eating out, going to the Playplace at the Galleria, painting, and going to the Carrollton library.  We made some great memories!  On Saturday evening, the girls were tired.  So were we.  It seemed we were just holding on in keeping everyone occupied.  Soon the garage door opened up and their parents, Kelly and Matt, walked in the door.  The light on the girls’ faces and the bounce in their step was a wonder to see.  Morgan immediately grabbed the hand of her Mom and the hand of her Dad, standing between them.  She just beamed.  Love and joy overflowed. 

            Are we walking hand-in-hand with God in each moment?  God wants to put a smile on our face and a bounce in our step so we live in the ripples of joy. Join us Sunday for worship.
Looking to live in joy,

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