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What is something simple, small, and insignificant in your life?  It is probably something we use every day such as a favorite coffee cup, a set of car keys, a cap, or a well-worn tool–like a kitchen knife that I usually grab when I chop anything.  One of my first thoughts was my smart phone which is essential but definitely not simple or insignificant.  Yet it connects us with people and often distracts us from being present in the moment.  What would you name?

 Every thing and every part of creation are gifts from God and an avenue for blessing.  For a spiritual practice this week, really see what is before you.  Hold it gently.  Appreciate its existence.  Give God thanks for the simple thing or creature.  Then ask God to bless it and to bless you.  Enjoy the presence and intimacy with God.

 Come and be with us this Sunday at 11 am for a blessing of simple things as we look at the call to praise God in Psalm 148.  You’re invited to bring a simple, small thing for the sharing of blessings.  We’ll also celebrate Father’s Day.

 We have Blessing Groups to nurture us during our worship series.  Everyone is welcome to be a part of the conversation to receive God’s gifts of insight and blessing.

       Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the Youth Room

       Monday evenings at 7:00pm at the Riggsbys at 715 Villa Creek Dr


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