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In journeying through the gospels, I find Jesus welcomes all to his table of God’s kin-dom of love, grace, and community. Jesus’ “table of love” goes wherever he goes. Sometimes he goes to be with people. Sometimes they come to him. He’s definitely not in one place. He doesn’t even have a place to call home. A real home is in an engaging and deepening relationship with Jesus in community with others. Jesus calls us into home with the commandment to love God with our whole being and our neighbor as our self.

In the book The Art of Neighboring that Lew and I are reading, we’re finding ways to connect with our neighbors in deeper connections and to build neighboring communities that really support each other. In thinking about loving your neighbor, ask yourself how many of your eight nearest neighbors do you know by name, relevant info about the persons or family, and some in-depth info about their dreams or purpose for their lives? Lew and I have discovered that we have lots of opportunities for deeper connections to love our neighbors. More ideas coming soon.

Let’s join Jesus at the Table of Love this Sunday and always,

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