Crime, Violence, Racism, Terrorism…

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This week’s look at fear is one that I approach with fear and trembling.  We’re going to face what are the giants of fear for all of us.  It’s the fear we have of what comes from outside of our lives — crime, race, terrorism, and politics.  With remembering 9/11 this week, reading about the shooting of an unarmed black man in his apartment by a Dallas police officer, and the political division in our country, we all have these fears right now.  We all need God’s love and grace more than ever and God needs us to grow in faith and love.

Here is the acronym for addressing fear that Adam Hamilton in Unafraid:  Living Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times shares:

Face your fears with faith (trusting that things will work out)
           Examine your assumption in light of the facts
           Attack your anxieties with action
           Release your cares to God

We invite you to worship God with us on Sunday and consider joining a small group reading Unafraid.

Walking in faith,