Enneagram is Coming!

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Most of us think we know ourselves pretty well but what we do not know about ourselves can and will hurt us, not to mention others.  The more we grow in self-knowledge of our personality mask, the more we’ll become aware of our need for God’s grace.  We’ll uncover our authentic self in God and discover more compassion for ourselves and other people.

Exploring the ancient Christian spiritual tool called the Enneagram leads us on a dynamic spiritual journey that will equip and empower us as followers of Christ.  Our first group will start Monday, May 14, at 7 pm at the Riggsbys.  The participant’s manual for notes and personal insights into who you are is $40.  RSVP to Debbie at pastor@tumcd.org.  More info on more Enneagram groups will be coming soon.  If you’d like more info about the Enneagram, talk with Debbie, Lew, or Sarah.