Exploring and Being Known…

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Back in the 1800’s, many travelers in the wilderness navigated rivers and waterways because there were not many roads.  The men of the Corps of Discovery in the Lewis and Clark Expedition knew travel on rivers well.  Lewis and Clark picked the men of the Corps of Discovery for their skills on the frontier.  They made a commitment and covenant to aid the group in exploring and finding a way to the Pacific Ocean.  Their journey started at the Missouri River near St. Louis on May 14, 1804.

In this season of worship, we too are exploring our identity and purpose.   We’re looking at what it means to be known as God’s beloved children, followers of Christ, and filled with the Spirit.  We’re uncovering our calling in partnering together for God’s desire and purpose for each of us and our church in our community and world.   Our journey with our church’s Corps of Discovery begins with the waters of baptism where we receive a watermark of God’s grace.

This Sunday we remember our baptism, reaffirm our commitment to our covenant, and follow in Jesus’ footsteps when he went to the Jordan River to be baptized by John.

Come to the waters,