Healing hands…

ChurchPastor's Blog

In gospel of Mark, Jesus went to the synagogue in Capernaum and started teaching.   Immediately he was confronted by a man who was possessed.  Jesus calls the evil spirit which recognizes who Jesus is to depart.   Then Jesus goes to Simon’s home where they find Simon’s mother-in-law in bed with a fever.  He takes her by the hand and raises her up.  She begins serving all those who were in house.  All were amazed by what they had seen in Jesus’ healing touch in the synagogue and home.

 Hasn’t Jesus’ helping hand and healing touch made a difference in our own lives ?  We often see and experience Jesus in the helping hands of others.  Who has revealed Jesus in helping you?  I also see Jesus in people caring and serving others like Simon’s mother-in-law.  The beautiful way that we surrounded and served Karen in her last days shows Jesus’ heart in all of you.

The people of our world and especially our neighborhood are in need of more of Jesus’ love and healing.   Who is Jesus’ showing us to see and what is he calling us to do?  Let’s respond with a YES in going where he leads.

 Come and be with us Sunday as we look at being known in following Jesus in bringing healing and wholeness,