In God’s Light…

ChurchPastor's Blog

Who are we and who are we called to be?  We follow Jesus the Christ in becoming more like him in our being and our doing.  We are known by our love and the loving ways we live.  To pause for a moment and just look at our last few hours or days, we can easily see where we’ve not been loving as we’d like.  We all have times in our lives when we walk in darkness instead of the light of God’s love. (This reflecting back is part of the spiritual practice of the Examen which will be offered on Sundays at 9:30 am in March.)

 In Mark 9:2-9, Jesus, Peter, James, and John go up the mountain to pray.  There Jesus is transfigured with light and God speaks that Jesus is beloved.  We, too, are beloved by God.  God desires to transfigure us with light and love so we might be known by God’s light and live our calling of living God’s love. 

Come and be with us Sunday to worship in God’s light and love,