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Unafraid—living with courage and hope
in uncertain times
Adult Discipleship is offering a new study
beginning Sunday, September 9, 9:30 AM
Book by Adam Hamilton ($14.00)
Fear is a complex emotion. Sometimes it saves us.  More often it robs us of the life we want.  But we can take our lives back.
Last year the Discipleship Team surveyed the congregation about members issues and concerns.  Members’ responses overwhelmingly pointed the fears, anxiety and worry in our lives today.   Join us for a look at how we are impacted by some specific fears such as failure, insecurity, loneliness, insignificance, and aging.   The study might help us understand and counter fears related to such outsize perils as terrorism, death and the apocalypse.
Rev. Hamilton writes with generosity and intelligence and shows how we can develop sustaining spiritual practices and embrace Jesus’s recurring counsel: “Do not be afraid.”
Please join us.  For more information, or if you want to form a group at a different time, please contact Evelyn Glass or Evelyn Tanner.