What does peace look like?

officePastor's Blog

The Christmas carols are ringing out.  The Christmas decorations are brightening up our homes and the stores.  There is excitement in the air and our lives are busy, busy, busy.  As we head into the Christmas season, it might be time to ask ourselves how is our soul?  How is our life with God?

I’m guessing that many of us would not say that our soul is at peace.  We sure wouldn’t describe the current state of affairs in our families, our nation, or the world as being at peace.  Even early in the season, we might be longing for the Christmas card image of peace of our childhood.

What would peace look like?  What would real peace be — even in the midst of the busyness?  The prophet Isaiah speaks of peace in a way that may guide us to live calm in our soul and bright in God’s light this Advent season.  Come and worship with us Sunday!

Seeking peace,