$10 Blessing Challenge

officePastor's Blog

How is your $10 blessing challenge going? Last Sunday every individual in attendance was given a $10 bill and instructed to use the money to bless someone in the coming week. Then each person was encouraged to come back this coming Sunday and share the story of how they blessed others with the gift they had been given.

I hope by now many of you have experienced the joy of bringing blessing to others. If not, you still have several days to complete the challenge. Even if you weren’t here last Sunday, you can still find a way to specifically bless someone between now and Sunday.

There is real joy in blessing others by taking the blessings we have received and blessing it forward. The joy we receive in giving blesses us back so that we receive a double portion. There is also joy in knowing that we are participating in the building up of the kingdom of God and that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

There is a saying—give until it hurts. The better thing to say is to give until it feels good. A life of generosity is a life of joy. Feel the joy today!

Pastor Jane