Are you willing?

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At weddings and gatherings, we often make toasts for the occasion.  We lift our glasses in celebration and joy of blessed events.  Jesus blessed the wedding at Cana with the miracle of more wine.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the mother of James and John come to Jesus to ask if her sons will sit on the right or left when Jesus comes into his kingdom.  The disciples’ mother was looking toward a celebration in the future when Jesus takes the throne of his kingdom.

Jesus turns to the brothers and asks “Can you drink from the cup that I’m about to drink from?”  Jesus was preparing the disciples for what will come in his own life – crucifixion.  He is speaking to all of his followers about what living more like Christ in the here and now is really like.  Are we willing to “drink the cup”?

Come and be with us in worship as Evelyn Glass offers this vital message for our discipleship.