Do we see hope?

officePastor's Blog

There is so much of news swirling around in my thoughts.  How about you?  I’ve been worrying about possible war with Iran, trade war with China, care for immigrants seeking asylum, integrity and truth in politics, and the UMC divide between Traditional Plan and Progressives. What are some of yours?  I wonder if there will ever be real community and partnership for the well-being of all of God’s creation?  Will there be real peace with justice?  Will we see love for the other and hope?  Will we as humans will ever find a way to live in love and peace.  Sure seems impossible.  But for God, all things are possible.  Just read Mark 10: 24-27.   In what part of our lives do we need to claim the possibility of God’s grace at work?   Where do we need to claim hope?

Claiming hope,