New Life…

officePastor's Blog

As I reflect back over 2018, I see moments of hope and yet also regret.  I wish that I had been more open and aware in the moment so that I could see God’s grace at work as well as to love those around me.  I find myself on this last day of December longing for new life in the light of Christ.  The phrase to give birth in Italian is “dare a la luce” which is literally “to give to the light”.  I want to give myself to the light of Christ.  I want to do so for the sake of life in God’s love, for the sake of life with others, and for the sake of life with our world.

Come and worship with us Sunday as we begin our new series “For Sake of Life” for us to live more and more in the light of Christ.

Looking to live for the sake of life,