Take Ten with God

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I’m always skeptical when someone tells me that I can reach a major goal “in just minutes a day.” Whether it’s getting rock-hard abs or writing the great American novel, such goals usually take a great deal more time and effort than is claimed.

A really good exercise program, incorporating both aerobics and strength training, takes more than mere minutes a day. Yet increasing evidence shows that getting at least ten minutes of exercise a day yields tangible, statistically significant results. It ends up that any amount of exercise is better than no exercise.

The same principle can apply to our spiritual lives. Deep intimacy with God takes more than a few minutes a day. But spending even ten minutes a day with God yields benefits that can make a real difference. Any amount of prayer is better than no prayer at all.

For those of you who are already in the habit of regular prayer and spiritual disciplines that’s great! But if you are not, consider spending just ten minutes a day with God. Ten minutes a day can establish a foundation on which you can continue to build.

This week spend ten minutes a day contemplating this question—after you are gone from this earth, sum up in one sentence that for which you would most want to be remembered. This will give you insight into what you most value.

Take ten with God everyday and see what happens!

Rev. Jane Graner