The Five Expressions of Generosity

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We all like to think of ourselves as generous people. Moreover, most of us have a preferred expression of our generosity.
Emotional-Relational Support:
Some of us show how generous we are by taking the time to be there for one another. We are compassionate listeners who offer verbal encouragement and support.
Gift givers show their generosity by sharing tangible gifts with others.
Some of us excel at being warm and welcoming. We offer an attitude of acceptance and are generous with our acts of kindness.
Monetary Support:
Others of us donate our money and financial resources to organizations and causes in order to positively impact those around us.
Finally, many of us give with our gift of time as we serve the community through our unpaid labor.
All of us are better at one or two kinds of generosity over others. Yet as disciples of Jesus Christ, God calls us to be generous in all aspects of our lives. As we grow more Christlike, we will find ourselves giving to others through multiple avenues. How might God be calling you to a more generous life?
Pastor Jane