Unapologetic: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Lives

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“Unapologetic: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Lives”
New Sermon Series Starts Sept. 8
Current studies tell us that only about half of the U.S. population are members of religious congregations. Only about a quarter are regularly active in those congregations. That means that most Americans don’t think that regular religious practice adds much to the quality of their lives.
What advantage then does the practicing Christian have in this world? To ask this another way, is Christianity true? Does it make sense to be a Christian when so many seem to be saying, no, it makes no sense?
Many attempt to rationally defend the Christian faith through appeals to philosophy, history, or science. This is called apologetics. Apologetics has its place.
But what if there is another way to answer whether Christianity is true? How effective is Christianity is answering our deepest emotional needs? Does faith in Christ satisfy the longings of the human heart? Does it illuminate the questions of the human mind? In the end, does Christianity make sense of our lives? Does it work?
Starting September 8 we will be asking these very questions at Trinity United Methodist Church in my new sermon series “Unapologetic: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Lives.” Come see if Christianity stills makes sense in this modern, and increasingly post-modern, world. I think you’ll be surprised by the answers.
Pastor Jane