Words, words, words…

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Who have you heard speak that made a difference in your life?  Sometimes it was a one-on-one conversation.  Sometimes it was in a speech or a sermon.  I remember many one-on-one conversations with pastors who answered questions and encouraged my journey of faith.  Working on a church staff in KS in 1986, I heard Dick Murray at CEF conference in NM.  I was so impressed that I headed to Perkins School of Theology to learn from him.  Fr. Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, and Suzanne Stabile have also moved me in new and deeper directions of spiritual awareness and growth in God.

Today we hear lots of spoken words from the news.  Some are true and authentic.  Some are not.  We’re bombarded by the spoken word.  What words lead us to live more loving?  What do our spoken words say about us in what we believe and how we live?  How might we move God’s kin-dom forward in love, mercy, peace, and justice in the words we speak this week?

Come and be with us Sunday for worship as we seek to speak and live “For Sake of Life”,