Into the Unknown

officePastor's Blog

As I shared with you last Sunday, I somehow accidentally (or perhaps providentially) rented Frozen II last week. The movie’s signature song is “Into the Unknown.” What an apropos phrase to describe what we are all going through right now! We are in unknown and uncharted territory, experiencing an event that very well may alter how we go about our daily lives long after the current crisis is over. I think it is likely to permanently change how we do church.

The important thing to remember is that we are all going through this together. Continue to call, email, and text one another. Join us for our livestream on Facebook this Sunday (11:00 am) and share your prayer requests. Join our Bible study on Zoom on Wednesday (7:00 pm) and join in the discussion. And please send in your regular tithe, either electronically through Church Center or send a check by mail. We will make it to the other side and come out stronger together. Let’s stay connected!

Rev. Jane Graner