Let’s Keep the Livestream Going!

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With extraordinary circumstances come extraordinary opportunities. That we live under extraordinary circumstances is undeniable—sheltering in place, working at home, social distancing, no in-person church services. Virtually no one alive today has ever experienced such a time as this.

Because we live in unprecedented times, more and more people are turning to the internet and social media to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. Just in the last few weeks alone, literally hundreds and hundreds of people have turned to the livestreaming and social media of Trinity United Methodist Church. The majority of those who have connected with us are virtual visitors, not current members or constituents of our church.

We have an extraordinary opportunity, therefore, to reach out to those who are hungry to hear the good news of God’s inclusive love in Jesus Christ during this trying time. We may never again experience a better opening than we have today to get the word out about all Trinity UMC has to offer.

But we need your help. Because we are not meeting in person, we have not been able to collect our regular weekly offering. We urgently need for you send in your regular tithes and offerings, and perhaps a little bit more, so we can continue to reach out to all who need us. That includes being able to continue with our livestreaming of worship, as well as our new podcast Jane’s Most Excellent Church Adventure, which is already starting to take off. This is NOT the time to go dark in cyberspace.

If we don’t step up at this moment, we will not be able to continue our outreach. Moreover, to be honest, we run the risk of not being able to cover our payroll. This is NOT the time to lay off staff.

It’s easy to give. Download the Church Center app for electronic giving, or go low tech and just mail your check to the church office. Either way, until we meet again and after, let’s keep the livestream going!