Back to School

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I’m looking forward to our Back-to-School Sunday, August 23rd, with our guest, Vickie Echols, principal at Smith Elementary School and our blessings of students, teachers, and parents in worship. Then we have our Back-to-School pot-luck at 12:15 pm with all the great food and fellowship. We’ll have a wonder-filled morning together. With all this excitement, our movie this week is … Read More

For the Children

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Dear Friends, Jesus told the disciples to “Let the little children come unto me.” With our growing partnership with Smith Elementary, TUMC is “On the GO” to the children! Thanks TUMC for your extravagant generosity last Sunday to support the partnership ($1500). I’ve heard that Sarah Wilcox and Laurie Johnson have already been to the school to “refresh” the Teacher’s … Read More

Really Eucharist

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Have you watched, listened, or read the news lately? That also includes the “news” we see on Facebook. Once a story breaks, we then have all the interpretations, opinions, and spin on the information.   I don’t know about you, but I begin to wonder what is real? What is true? Who and what can I believe?   If we look at our … Read More

Really Love

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Love is more than a Valentine’s card or a gift. Love is more than a feeling or an emotion. Real love is modeled after Jesus’ love for us which is more than we can even describe. We just receive it and we share it with others. When have you seen or experienced real love in Christ? Let me know by … Read More

Really Live Real Life in Christ

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Have you ever tried to describe something that is more than any description?  The message for Sunday is definitely in that category!  I know that Christ is Life and gives life.  I want that real life in Christ however I’ve only had glimpses.  Some of the glimpses were momentous in my life such as the birth of my children, marrying … Read More

Where’s Jesus

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Where’s Jesus? Jesus is the giver of life–new life. Where do we see new life happening in us and around us? Where do we see life bearing good fruit? In Luke 7: 18-23, John the Baptist’s disciples ask Jesus if he is the one to come? Jesus points out that the blind now see, the lame walk, and more. The … Read More

A Welcome from Pastor Debbie

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Welcome! Come and be our guest at Trinity United Methodist Church. We welcome people of all ages and experiences. Here at Trinity, we strive to be a community seeking to be alive and growing in our faith in Christ Jesus allowing others to see Christ in us. Our church family is diverse, compassionate and kind, seeking to reach out to … Read More