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Hello! I am Jane Graner and Welcome to my blog! I pray that in these articles, you will experience the love and peace and joy that comes from following Jesus! I would love to connect with you. Feel free to email me at

  • Practicing Generosity

    A big “thank you” to all who gave your tithes and offerings this week, either through the Church Center app or by mailing checks directly to the church! We suffered a financial deficit in March because we were unable to take our regular offering in our church service, but thankfully we are on our way back. If you haven’t done ... Read More

  • Let’s Keep the Livestream Going!

    With extraordinary circumstances come extraordinary opportunities. That we live under extraordinary circumstances is undeniable—sheltering in place, working at home, social distancing, no in-person church services. Virtually no one alive today has ever experienced such a time as this. Because we live in unprecedented times, more and more people are turning to the internet and social media to meet their emotional ... Read More

  • Into the Unknown

    As I shared with you last Sunday, I somehow accidentally (or perhaps providentially) rented Frozen II last week. The movie’s signature song is “Into the Unknown.” What an apropos phrase to describe what we are all going through right now! We are in unknown and uncharted territory, experiencing an event that very well may alter how we go about our ... Read More

  • A Letter to Trinity

    Trinity Family, In light of the guidelines issued yesterday by both the federal government and Dallas County officials, all activities at Trinity UMC are cancelled for the next two weeks. In two weeks time we will reassess if further closure is necessary. We will still be broadcasting live on Facebook for the next two Sundays at 11:00 am. I will ... Read More

  • Jihad for Jesus

    This Sunday we will be winding up our sermon series “Are We Sure We Want to Talk About That?” Our sermon will be entitled “Jihad for Jesus.” We will explore how Christians should relate to those who practice other faiths.We will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, not only with our St. Patrick’s Day potluck, but we will also be ... Read More

  • “Are We Sure We Want to Talk About This?” Sermon Series Continues

    Even under the best of circumstances it can be difficult to talk about race. Last Sunday we examined how our inability to discern the vestiges of racism in our own hearts hinder the conversation. This coming Sunday will be exploring what it means to be “politically correct” and a Christian. Choosing the right words these days can sometimes feel like ... Read More

  • Black & Blue

    Where were you on that Thursday evening back in 2016 when five Dallas area police officers were gunned down while patrolling the Black Lives Matter demonstration in downtown Dallas? How did you react? What did you feel? Does the thought of that night still cause you sadness? Does it still make you angry? The events of July 7, 2016 revealed ... Read More