Our prayer ministry supports many persons in times of need and connects them with God’s love and care.

Prayer Requests

For public prayer requests, please fill out a pink Prayer Card during worship services, or contact the church or Pastor Jane directly.

Prayer Chain

You may e-mail confidential requests to our Private Prayer Chain: prayer@tumcd.org

The Prayer Chain is a group of people who are committed to praying for a specific need once they are notified of such a need. Although the pastor is on this private prayer chain, these requests are not shared with the congregation at large.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

A Prayer Shawl is tangible evidence of prayer. As the prayer shawl is crocheted or knitted, the person who is to receive the shawl is prayed for. Even if we don’t know who will be receiving the prayer shawl, the person making it still prays for whoever might be receiving it. Our Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. in the Agape Room. Everyone is welcome to come learn a few basic stitches to make a Prayer Shawl for someone in need!

For more information, please contact Kathy Norrod at prayer@tumcd.org or (972) 298-7015.

Labyrinth – A Tool for Meditation and Reflection


A labyrinth is a prayer path on which one can pray, meditate, talk to God, or just BE. It is a circular path that takes a person to the center on one path and returns them to the outside on the same path.

The word labyrinth refers to the maze-like patterns on the floor of some medieval churches, such as Chartres Cathedral in France.  These labyrinths may have been intended to symbolize the Christian pilgrim’s walk with God. They may also have been used as a focus for meditation and prayer.

Today, in our fast-paced technological society, we often have difficulty finding time for prayer and meditation. That is why some churches, such as Trinity UMC, have rediscovered labyrinths. They have developed intricate pathways on floors within their church buildings, and invite people to walk these paths while reflecting on themselves as spiritual beings, created by God.

LabyrinthWe suggest that while walking the labyrinth, people may want to reflect on where they are in their lives; quiet their minds—letting go of some of the worries of work and home; focus on a question that they have been asking; read scripture; or simply pray.

If you would like to experience the Labyrinth, please call for an appointment so we can help make your walk all that you need it to be.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Kathy Norrod at prayer@tumcd.org or 972-298-7015.

Pastoral Care

Please notify Pastor Jane about emergencies or any other Pastoral Care needs within our congregation.

Rev. Jane Graner

Call: (972) 296-2155*
* Press 1 to leave message for Pastor Jane.  Messages checked regularly.

Or you may contact the church office: (972) 296-2155, info@tumcd.org.

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