Within God’s Love We Trust, Become, and Serve.
• Trust that God is love.
• Trust that I am loved by God unconditionally.
• Trust in being open to accept God’s unconditional love of me.
• Trust that God unconditionally loves everyone.
• Trust in being open to accept love from others.
• Trust in the hope God gives me for the future.

• Become open to God in the present moment.
• Become who God created me to be.
• Become a loving and loyal partner in God’s beloved community.
• Become an inviting and encouraging neighbor with others in our neighborhood.
• Become a committed, loving servant of God’s love.

• Serve with enthusiasm.
• Serve each other.
• Serve with those in need.
• Serve compassionately God’s justice and peace.
• Serve in caring for and healing of the earth.
• Serve until we all become one in God.