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Other Opportunities to Serve

Mentoring at Smith Elementary School

Chris Dodge
smith elementary
Our congregation has committed to helping in anyway we can to support Smith Elementary School. We have a happy bunch of volunteers that works in the library checking out books and helping children find just the right one. Others tutor children who need help reading.  We have worked Field Day, Earth Day and Teacher Appreciation.

We go in love to serve God and our neighbors. You are invited us to join us in our mission to the children of our community!

Meals on Wheels

Betty York

Stop Hunger Now

Raymond Gager

Amigos Days

Raymond Gager

Champs Dance

Rachel Platts

Collecting Food for Duncanville Outreach Ministry

Groups That Meet at Our Church

Parkinson’s Support

Donna Burson

The Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society sponsors exercises classes and speech classes  weekly for those who have Parkinson’s disease and a family member or care giver. Other opportunities are a care giver support group which meets the third Thursday of every month and the last Monday of every moth is an open meeting to educate everyone about Parkinson’s Disease. For information on times of the classes, etc. call 972-296-2155.

Women of Hope Widow Support

Betty York or June Hairston

Women of Hope is a widow support group started in 2004, following a seminar​ at Trinity lead by Patsy Brundige, a retired Methodist minister and a widow,  about her just published book, HOPE FOR A WIDOW’S SHATTERED WORLD. We are widows helping widows, offering loving support, heart-felt sharing and listening,  practical help with putting lives back together.  We meet weekly, lunch one week (Wednesday)  and a night meeting (Thursday) the next week.  All area widows are welcome to join us.

NAMI Support (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Evelyn Glass or Madeline Kelley

Girl Scout Troops

Evelyn Glass or Sheila White

Duncanville Swingers (Social Group for Special-Needs Adults)

Sherri Robinson

Aggie Moms

Kathy Lynch