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Trinity's Three Cards

At Trinity UMC-D, we have three cards.

Of course we'll have three cards, it's in our name!

The pink one is for prayers. These can be for you personally, a friend or family member, or society at large. Prayers are shared with Trinity's prayer chain, unless otherwise noted.

The blue one is for blessings. Common blessings are for birthdays and anniversaries, but anything good that has happened deserves a blue card! New job? Good test results? Share it with us!

The gold one is for guests. If you think we look like a pretty cool group of people, and want to learn more, or meet with us in person, click on the gold button and drop us a line!

Please note! If you wish for your request to remain confidential between you and the pastor, please make sure to check the "confidential box" on the form!

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