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The Skeptic's Box

Everyone has questions and doubts. No, we're not talking about the easy stuff.

We're talking the real, faith-shaking ones: the ones that cause you to really stop and consider everything you were ever told in life or thought you knew. The kinds of questions that you don't know who to talk over with because they might not give a satisfactory answer, or are too afraid to ask for fear of retaliation:

If God loves us, then why do tragedies like school shootings keep happening?

If God knows what we're going to do before we do it, then punishes us anyways for doing what he knew we would do... what's up with that?

How do we know what is “evil” when Christians (even those in the same denomination) argue about what is evil?

Well, we're going to ask them. And we're going to try our best to find the answers. The Skeptic's Box is shared on YouTube and our Podcast.

Have a question of your own for the box? Let us know!

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